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We offer the most comprehensive list of asbestos training providers in the UK. All providers are independently audited for your peace of mind.

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All providers are independently audited
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The IATP website offers a dynamic and interactive link between those seeking asbestos training and those providing it.

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About Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral, or put simply, asbestos is a fluffy rock!

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IATP – Asbestos Training Providers

IATP Members deliver Asbestos Training across the three types of training.
Asbestos Awareness Training, which is appropriate for those people who do not work on asbestos containing materials however require training to enable them to identify asbestos containing materials.

Training for Non-Licensable Asbestos Work, applicable to operatives who carry out small works on asbestos containing materials.

Training for Licensable Asbestos Work which is for companies that hold a license issued by HSE that allows them to remove asbestos.

asbestos training IATP ensures all its Members are independently audited to prove competence and compliance to regulation and legislation in relation to asbestos.

Members may also list BOHS P series training, Health & Safety Training and e-Learning for Asbestos Awareness Training.

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