Code of Conduct

1. Purposes of the Code

‘Member’ shall include all members and their employees currently listed with IATP including members of Committee’s, sub-Committees, Directors and non-voting members.

2. Signing the Code

The Code shall be binding on all Members. Members shall signify that they subscribe to the Code by signing the membership application form.

Breaches of the Code that are brought to the attention of IATP will be considered by the Directors and an investigation held. Significant breaches of the Code by a member of employee of a member which has been upheld following an investigation will result in immediate termination of membership, the suspension of any ongoing marketing or advertisement activity in the Association’s publications and the forfeiture of membership fees paid. Where misuse is by a person or body which is not a member, appropriate legal steps will be taken as determined by the Directors.

3. The Code

i.    A Member shall not do anything which could bring the IATP or its Members into disrepute on any matter or which could be detrimental to the aims and objectives or good standing of the Company IATP. Nor shall they – by failing to act themselves or by failing to report the actions of other Members – allow or condone misconduct or a failure to uphold those same aims, objectives or good standing of IATP.

ii.    A Member shall inform IATP of any impending civil or criminal proceedings or action involving themselves that may bring their character or professional standing into question or may relate to the IATP.

iii.    A Member must abide by UK law and by the laws of any other country in which it operates.

iv.    It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure any websites linked to any of the Association’s websites are updated with correct information. The IATP is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or of the contents of any members site unless this impacts directly on the activities or the Reputation of IATP.

vii.    Members may refer to their membership of IATP in their marketing materials and may use the IATP logo. On termination of membership by whatever means, the Training Provider must remove from their website and all other marketing materials the logo of IATP.

The Association reserves the right to remove from membership any organisation deemed to be in breach of this Code following due process of investigating of allegations.

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