Complaints and Appeals

Details of our Complaints and Appeals procedure can be found on this page, along with the relevant forms.

  • Complaint received, identified by complaint reference number.
  • Exact details of complaint documented on Doc Ref no 00011 and logged in the complaints file. Directors and Working group informed to deal with the complaint. Complaints of a sensitive and confidential nature will be forwarded to the Directors Only at first point of contact.
  • Complainant advised of ref no, timescale to be dealt with (7/10 working days or whenever the next working group /Directors meeting is arranged) & the person (s) who will be dealing the complaint.
  • If the complaint relates to another IATP Member and e-mail with Doc 00011 sent to the member who is being complained about, and a meeting arranged between the member and the Working Group / Directors
  • Complaint is reviewed in accordance with the review procedure doc ref no 00011 and the findings and minutes of the review meeting recorded and signed on that document
  • Outcome of review confirmed to the member Formally and then communicated to the complainant via an appropriate medium (Formal Letter, e-mail)
  • Should the above not satisfy the complainant Doc 00012 (Appeals Procedure) can be accessed via the IATP website
  • The Appeal Procedure will be reviewed by the Directors, with the complainant if required, the decision will be recorded
  • All complaints will be referenced and held by IATP Communications

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