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IATP Tribute Tree

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.”   

Czesław Miłosz 

The Tribute Tree will be at the Annual Dinner for anyone to pay tribute to family & friends that they have sadly lost to Asbestos Related Diseases. It is also there for individual to pay tribute and honour those that are still fighting these awful conditions.

The idea behind the Tribute Tree is not only to allow others to put special messages to their loved ones on, but as a visual reminder of the tragedy asbestos can bring.

There will be no fee to put tags on, but donations are welcome, which will then either be passed on to charity or used to set up some kind of permanent tribute.

To put your tribute on please leave a comment below or email

IATP Tribute Tree, leave your message in comments and make a donation by PayPal

21 thoughts on “IATP Tribute Tree

  1. In Memory of Charles Parker who lost his brave fight against Mesothelioma in January 2008 love and miss you very much, I remember your favorite saying when anyone asked how you were you would say “I’m ticking along” all my love your Twinkle xxxxxxx

  2. In loving memory of my beautiful dad Norman Heritage who lost his life to deadly asbestos with pleural mesothelioma aged 54 years in 1985. Dad your life was cut short – you have not died in vain, I myself living with peritoneal and pleural mesothelioma continue to raise awareness and advocacy warning of the dangers of deadly asbestos.

  3. In memory of my wonderful friend, Jan Egerton – a brave and courageous woman. She will be missed. I will always remember your beautiful smile and your great laugh! Go in peace, Jan.

  4. In Memory of my friend and colleague Mandy.. gone, never forgotten.. You were an amazing Lady, Wife, Mother, Friend and Colleague.. xx

  5. In loving memory of my darling husband, Ralph Owen who lost his battle with pleural mesothelioma on 21st March 2013, aged 61. Love and miss you so much Ralph !! Always will !! Love you loads chuck !!! xxx

  6. In honour to my Father Francis Edward Thomas Kirsopp
    b22nd of Sept d1906-01 Aug 1993.
    He died misdiagnosed bless him as things were different then but I know now he had every single symptom I had in 2008.
    You was always a brilliant Father to me and I know I was the apple of your eye.You adored Ray as well and so we were surrounded in the light of your love and I feel you are always by my side to see me through my Journey. We will meet again xx

  7. In loving memory of my wonderful husband David. This terrible disease took him away from me on 7th May 2012 I miss him more than words can say. We didn’t manage t fulfil our dreams together. Think of you every day. Xx

  8. Remembering Kenny Beer who lost his battle with pleural mesothelioma July 8th, 2011. Your positive never give up attitude gave us such hope. Forever loved and missed…. you live on in all who love you.

    Marli & Stew, The Beer & Stewart families (Ontario, Canada)

  9. In memory of my beautiful sister Anne Sands who lost her fight to mesothelioma January 18th 2012. My bright shining star, we love and miss you so much. You will never be forgotten.

  10. Perhaps they are not stars in the sky,
    But rather openings where those who have sadly passed,
    Shine down to let us know they are still there.
    Remembering all the Meso-Warriors that are no longer with us.

  11. “A Visionary sees Light in the Darkness”
    Thinking of all those out there who are still fighting, wishing you hope and comfort

  12. Remembering my amazing dad Harold ‘Ted’ Bolton who lost his battle with mesothelioma in October 2010. We all miss you so very much but you are so very much alive in our hearts and cherished memories. Love always from mum, Paul, Scarlett and me xxxx

  13. In loving memory of my Dad and Mom and the generations of entire families who have been wiped out from the town left to die from the air that kills…Libby Mt.

  14. In memory of my darling Reg who was taken from on the 25th Feb 2010, miss you every minute of every single day, love you forever

  15. In Loving Memory of my Dad, Marvin Weaver who lost his battle with Mesothelioma at the age of 63 on September 15, 2011. He braved a good hard battle against this horrible monster for almost a year after diagnosis. Yesterday, February 16, 2014 was my Dad’s birthday he would’ve been 66 if asbestos & Meso hadn’t robbed him of that privilege!

  16. It will be 4years on th 25th Feb since my life was turned upside down when meso took my darling Reg and left our family devastated and the light left my life,, miss you so much my darling xx

  17. In memory of my dear Mum, Barbara Whitehead, who lost her battle with Mesothelioma on 13th August 2013. Miss you so much Mum. Love you. Julie xxx

  18. I lost my mom Jewell to mesothelioma in March of 2012 she was my best friend and I miss her dearly my life will never be the same.

  19. For my Grandad. We lost you in January 2012 and it still feels like yesterday. I miss you, but i’ll see you up in the clouds on the 12th April, I know you’ll be jumping with me and be proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I never got to say goodbye and maybe that was for a reason… I’ll see you soon then!
    Lots of love, Chloe xxx

  20. Remembering my beloved Keith who died two years ago this February .I now am only half a person and our family have been ripped in two by this horrible Mesothelioma and his only mistake was to cuddle his dad .I love you darling so much xxx

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