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Licensed Asbestos Form (ASB5) and Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW) form: Down Time 22 July 2020

The ASB5 form and the NNLW form and the databases which support these will be down from 7.00 am until 7.00 pm  on Wednesday 22 July, 2020. This is to allow for the forms and databases to be transferred over onto a new more modern server. It will mean that asbestos licence holders will not be able to notify work during this period, and we will be unable to access the databases either to check that work has been notified, or retrieve individual copies.   I thought you should know in case you get enquiries from any of your members.

If all goes to plan and there are no issues with the changeover, then the systems may be up and running again before 7.00 pm. Moira will be putting out a note on the Asbestos Licensing Information web community to keep licence holders informed, and will also let them know when the system is available again.

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