How to join the IATP

If you feel that you and your company are ready to be a member of one of the most recognised and fastest growing organisations for standards, you will first need to arrange an audit for the particular type of asbestos training that you offer. Once you have this you will be able to progress to membership.

Auditing of IATP Members is carried out by IATP approved Independent Auditors, a list of which can be found here. You need to arrange your own audit direct with your chosen auditor. The costs of this audit is between you and your auditor.

If you need an invoice in advance to pay your membership fee, £350, then please request one via email to and we can get this over to you.

Once you audit is approved and your membership invoice is paid you will appear on our website and your certificate and logo will be sent across to you. All very simple. We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Please fill in the form below once you have received your audit report back.

You must have an audit report available before applying

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    By ticking this box, the authorised signatory, below, confirms that every trainer employed or used by the training provider, above, meets the requirements stated in regulation 10 of L143.
    By ticking this box, the authorised signatory, below, confirms that every trainer employed or used for licensed training by the training provider, above, meets the requirements stated in chapter 4 of HSG247.

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    Please select one of IATP's member auditors from the list below.

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    By ticking this box, the authorised signatory, below, confirms that the training provider, above, does not have a conflict of interest through their existing membership of an asbestos trade association involved in asbestos training.*

    Please read before forwarding an application:

    Code of Conduct

    Mission Statement

    Terms and Conditions of IATP Membership

    1. To become an IATP Member you must be audited by one of the auditors listed on the IATP website.

    2. In Year 2 a Member must be audited again to confirm compliance, improvement, continuity.

    3. IATP will then issue the Member a 3 year waiver to train without an audit requirement, the waiver will not be valid if the Membership is not renewed.

    4. An audit will be required if the regulations / legislation changes, if the Member acquires a new deliverer a cv will be required to be submitted, should IATP receive a complaint that is upheld regarding training, this may require a re-audit.

    5. A change of training venue will require visual proof forwarding to IATP.

    6. Every trainer employed or used by the asbestos training provider to carry out asbestos training, must meet the requirements of regulation 10 of L143, in that they are:

      ‘Competent to do so, who has had adequate personal practical experience and who has a theoretical knowledge of all relevant aspects of the work being carried out by the employer’

      The responsibility to prove competency lies with the Training Provider and those Companies who choose to use their services.

    7. Every trainer employed or used by the asbestos training provider to carry out asbestos training for licensed asbestos work, must meet the additional requirements of chapter 4 of HSG247, whereby:

      ‘All training should be provided by instructors who are competent, i.e. they have adequate personal practical experience in the asbestos sector, theoretical knowledge of all relevant aspects of the work and the ability to deliver effective training courses’

      The responsibility to prove competency lies with the Training Provider and those Companies who chose to use their services. A CV for all trainers is to be sent with your initial application or if the Member acquires a new trainer; a CV is required to be submitted prior to the trainer being added to the Award Certificate Generator.

    8. Completion of independent, external audits.

      a. IATP requires that all asbestos training providers should receive independent audits, carried out by a competent non-training organisation on the basis of the above points in 1,2,and 3. Audits must be provided by one of the IATP independent auditors under the Terms and Conditions of membership of IATP.

      b. All prospective Asbestos Training Providers seeking membership to IATP at all levels must submit an Independent IATP Approved Audit at the point of application. To source independent auditors please view our Auditors page. Audits submitted are subject to review from the Independent Audit Review Panel the outcome of which results in listing as a member or conditional or outright refusal for membership listing.

      c. These audits will be then kept on file.

    9. IATP requires that all asbestos training providers use the Award Certificate Generator to produce asbestos course certificates. There is no cost to the Member and training courses will be available for the generators use.

    10. IATP welcomes all asbestos Training Providers and all health & safety professionals.

    11. Asbestos training providers listed on this site should be continually looking to improve the standards of their training. Listed asbestos training providers should feel free to exchange ideas and techniques for the various courses on the forum provided.

    12. Subscriptions must be paid upon receipt of invoice; non payment will result in automatic removal from the website and other media used to promote IATP. If a members audit expires they will automatically be removed and not be listed until such times as an updated audit is received and approved.

      It is the member's responsibility to maintain their audit status i.e. to ensure that they do not 'run out of audit' by programming in a re audit date in accordance with the cycle they are on at the time. You should always audit at your highest level i.e. to maintain Licensed training status then you need to audited at that level and you will then automatically be eligible for the other categories. If you only audit at Asbestos Awareness for instance then that will be the only course you will be approved for. It is the members responsibility to email the audit to the IATP not the auditors responsibility.

      If your audit becomes out of date by more than 6 months then we may ask you to undertake annual audits again. If your audit is more than a year out of date then we would consider terminating your membership as being "in"audit is a requirement of membership.

    13. IATP has 6 Directors, a CEO, as well as a Working Group. However most decisions are made by membership vote. Every audited asbestos training provider listed has one vote and all votes carry equal weight. Listed training providers should be willing to actively participate in the voting process to allow speedy decisions to be reached. The management of IATP and decisions that accompany that role are the responsibility of the IATP Directors.

      Training Providers must be full Members of IATP and participate within the Working Group for two years before being eligible for election to any Directorship within IATP. (Subject to the Directors Vote)

    14. The working group is open for IATP Members to participate in, joint Members are restricted access to the Working Group and Task Teams.

    15. When a vote by members is requested by the Directors of IATP, members wishing to vote must cast this vote within 14 days – the final date for submission of vote will be detailed on the voting slip. Votes received after the date will not be counted.

      Only in the event of no clear outcome of a vote will the Directors of IATP use an additional deciding casting vote; such casting votes and the outcome thereof will be deemed by the Membership to be final.

    16. The annual membership fee is £350, paid by BACS to IATP. IATP is a ‘Not for Profit’ Organisation and a vote, by the working group and Directors, will be held at the end of the year to decide what to do with any surplus funds that remain in the account. IATP allocates 10% of any surplus to a nominated charity at the end of each financial year – SEE DETAILS OF CHARITY CRITERIA.

    17. It is a strict condition of membership that all Training Providers undertake not to bring IATP into disrepute. Failure to abide by the Association' s Code of Conduct shall be deemed a breach of Membership and action, up to and including termination of Membership, shall be considered by the Directors of IATP – see Code of Conduct.

      Should any Member or representative of any Member of an Asbestos Training Provider be proved to be in breach of any Terms and Conditions of Membership, the Training Provider will be removed from the listing until such time that an investigation has been carried out in accordance with the IATP Complaints Procedure.

      Any member, who, subsequent to having allegations of bringing the IATP into disrepute upheld, may be requested to resign from office or membership and all monies paid shall be forfeited.

    18. Following initial payment of membership, an invoice shall be raised and Members' details will be uploaded to the website within 7 working days.

      You will be informed when your entry appears on the IATP website. Notification of correction of factual errors must be sent, in writing, within 5 working days of your entry appearing. After this time no responsibility will be taken by IATP for errors and an administration charge may be made for the correction.

    19. In order that the spirit of the Mission Statement of IATP is upheld, IATP reserve the right to refuse membership to any Training Provider for any or no reason.

    20. One application for each company and one vote. An application for one company does not cover a Group of Companies. The IATP Logo may only be displayed by the company that applied to IATP for Membership and that can prove competence and compliance via Independent Auditing that is authorised by the IATP Independent Audit Review Panel.

    By submitting this form I confirm that I am authorised to sign on behalf of the training provider, above. I confirm that I agree to be bound by the conditions of the IATP, as listed above and detailed on the IATP website. I agree that should it be found that I, or a member of the training provider I am signing for, be in breach of the conditions of the IATP that said training provider will be removed from listing, with no refund, until the breach is rectified.

    Please forward proof of payment to when your audit has been reviewed. Annual fee £350.00

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